Sorghum is an Ancient Grain


The origin and early domestication of sorghum took place in Northeastern Africa and the earliest known sorghum comes from an archeological dig, dated at 8,000 B.C.

Sorghum is the broad term for an entire genus of grasses that are native to tropics and subtropics around the world. While there are numerous different species of Sorghum, only one is harvested for human consumption, while the others are primarily used as fodder for animals. The important sorghum species for the human consumer food markets, Sorghum bicolor can be found throughout Africa, India, China, United States as a staple food product and has eventually worked its way into Australia.

Sorghum grain, is among the most efficient crop in conversion of solar energy and use of water. Sorghum is known as high-energy, drought tolerant crop and eco-friendly. An acre of sorghum requires less water than many other crops, it has become a good choice for growers in drought-prone regions plus requires fewer expensive fertilizers. Sorghum originated in ancient times and this healthy Old World Grain has been a principle source of energy in the dietary foundation of more than 500 million people in 30 countries.

Today this super grain is widely considered as the fifth most important cereal crop in the world, as the global sorghum grain is now being consumed more and more in our diets as consumer trends evolve sorghum into their modern meals. The hearty, chewy texture of cooked wholegrain or pearled sorghum is prefect for pilafs, cold salads, side dishes, entrees and porridges. Popped wholegrain sorghum for a healthy high fibre snack, it’s similar to popcorn but much smaller. Sorghum flour with its gluten free characteristics is becoming the plain flour ingredient base in gluten free products as such pancakes, pasta, breads, cookies, tortillas, and extruded commercial products.

Wholegrain and Pearled Sorghum is 100% gluten free, ideal for people diagnosed with coeliac disease, cholesterol free, Non-GMO, all natural, high in antioxidants, easier on the digestive system, and seen as a healthy, fresh alternative powerhouse in terms of nutrients, and can provide individuals with vitamins like niacin, riboflavin, and thiamin, as well as high levels of magnesium, iron, copper, calcium, phosphorous, and potassium, nearly half the daily required intake of protein and a very significant amount of dietary fibre.

Wholegrain or Pearled SorgPlus sorghum’s versatility is the new wonder grain, its cooked chewy texture really gives it an edge over other grains: “It fills your mouth and its low glycemic index helps keep you full.”

Sorghum is the “New Wonder Grain” – The Food of the Future from the Past.

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